Automatic email filing

Completely automatic email filing

The terms email filing and email archiving frequently seem to be used for similar or even the same functions.

However, there is a fundamental difference between the terms archiving and filing. As we understand it, email archiving is a function that contains an archive which all emails end up going to for storage.

A filing system, on the other hand, means that an email relating to a specific project, contact, task or similar can be filed and linked to it.

We therefore see our email feature more as an intelligent email storage facility. The foolproof variant is the classic email archiving systems that run directly on the mail server and simply archive every incoming or outgoing email there.

Now we come to the general problem of complete email chaos in the project or generally in everyday work. There is clearly a need for such a function, and sharesuite offers you the solutions.

The problem

In most SMEs, emails are not filed and archived, or only partially so.

There are often regulations stating that employees should file important or relevant emails. For example, correspondence on the corresponding projects, tasks or contacts in customer relationship management (CRM).


  • Employees receive a flood of emails and have to decide on their own which ones are important or not. In the daily stress and the vast amounts of emails to be processed, even important ones are often not filed correctly.
  •  Correct (project-related) email filing is time-consuming. email filing is time-consuming. Typically, the email is clicked on in Outlook and saved on a network drive using “Save as”, although I still have this email in my project management system or CRM.
    Nevertheless, the problem of incorrectly filed or unfiled emails should not be underestimated:
  • E-mails that contain important information can be lost.
  • Colleagues have no or only partial access to relevant information.

Our solution for you

In general, there are special email archiving systems that archive all incoming and outgoing mail. For this, sharesuite offers targeted storage of emails on projects, contacts and tasks. Rights management can be used to easily and conveniently control who is allowed to access individual or all emails from a sender / organization and who is not.

To ensure users accept such as system, it must also be able to store emails automatically.

With our email storage you can therefore use a series of rules to define how the emails of a specific sender, recipient or an entire organization should be handled. By default, the emails are initially stored so they can only be seen by you.

Of course, you can also give all emails that have been received within one or more days more visibility (other users or other teams).

sharesuite supports you by offering suggestions about which projects or tasks this email should probably be filed in.

The contents of the emails end up in the search index and are included in the full text search.

As a sharesuite user, you have all the important information in one place and don’t have to search through an archiving system.

Everything in one suite 😉