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Who is sharesuite?

Who we are

sharesuite GmbH is an international software company.

Founded in Hanover in 2009 .

Work and project management software

Collaboration Tool for efficient team management

Our Product

  • Comprehensive solution for project and team-related work
  • Diverse, industry-independent solutions
  • Cloud-based management systems for data and tasks
  • Reliable platform for managing a wide variety of projects
  • Task management, document management system, email administration, workflows, resource management, and much more

Our services

  • Specialist team that monitors the entire sharesuite environment
  • Regular updates and backups
  • Constant security updates
  • Several servers in professionally maintained data centers in Germany
  • Server with a superb internet connection, endless storage capacity and its own emergency power supply
  • Multi-level security system
sharesuite is DSGVO compliant

Our Location


You can find all the direct information about us on our contact page: