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Projektmanagement Software

Plan, control and monitor projects

With the help of project templates you can duplicate similar or the same projects. Project templates mean you don’t have to create similar or identical projects over and over. Define projects that have recurring folder and task structures, the same teams and the same required use of resources just once as a project template. Now you can always create a new project from it at the touch of a button.

A fully-featured Gantt chart enables you to easily visualize the structural organization of a project, both in the planning and execution phases. The gantt chart shows tasks, progress, dependencies, milestones and many other functions and can be exported as required.

An import for Microsoft Project files enables existing projects to be imported.

You can automatically calculate the degree of completion of your project based on the progress of the individual tasks. Budgets can be defined individually for certain times and different types of costs.

A target / actual comparison between planned budgets and the actual expenditure and costs enables an up-to-date overview of the project’s success at all times.

A variety of export options and reports enable you to carry out a targeted and detailed evaluation of projects and teams. The project manager merely has to glance at the graphical charts and dashboards to gain an overview of the current situation at all times.

Do you need individual fields for a project or a task? Would you like to save important information about a contact and do you have to enter additional fields for invoicing? No problem, because in just a few clicks you can adapt sharesuite to your individual requirements.

Structure tasks and work packages

sharesuite, your work- and project management software, gives you a detailed task list with extensive filters and a Kanban board for an optimal overview of the daily processing of your tasks.

sharesuite highlights your due and overdue tasks in color, while emails and push notifications ensure that your team does not miss any deadlines.

List the individual steps it takes to successfully complete the task. If a step is checked, it is crossed out on the list and every team member knows what has already been achieved or what still needs to be done.

Tasks can be further broken down to any level and assigned to those responsible. In the meantime, you can work on or complete the subtasks completely independently of the main tasks.

The Gantt chart offers you a graphic representation of your task structure.

Maybe “Open”, “In progress” and “Completed” are not enough statuses for your tasks? In the admin area you can define any number of phases a task should go through.

You can also define different project phases in a project.

The same tasks are repeated over and over and only the due date changes? Save time and set it as a recurring task. It makes more sense to create it as a recurring task and set the rhythm for the recurrence pattern.

Flexible and simple document management

Each team has its own folder in the document management system in sharesuites work- and project management Software.

You can additionally define any desired folder structure with individual access rights.

The document management system and all its functions can be seamlessly integrated into the projects, thus enhancing user-friendliness. The project regulates the access rights to the documents and files.

With sharesuite, you can always access older versions of your documents. With sharesuite, you can always access older versions of your documents. Easily restore older versions or delete individual versions. Version management ensures that changes to documents are always traceable.

Does an external partner need access to specific files or folders? Would you like to provide a large file as a download link? In just one click you can share files or folders with special access rights.

Record times and book activities

In addition to the actual activities, you can also record the daily working hours if required or ask your team members to do so. Overtime is automatically determined and can be credited to a stored working hours account.

sharesuite offers you various options to quickly report activities and times. In addition, the fast reporting gives you the option of bulk data reporting for entire periods.

In addition to various other evaluations, you have the option of creating timesheets for an employee or a project.

Your work- and project management software offers you various options to quickly report activities and times. The vacation days are seamlessly integrated into activity reporting and resource planning.

File emails manually or automatically

To save time, you can create a task from an email with a single mouse click. Now assign the task to the responsible person – done. The email is stored directly in the documents for the task and is available to the team members concerned.

Another function for you to save time through the e-mail interface is: you can save emails or attachments to a contact, a project or a folder with a single mouse click.

With user-defined rules, you can automatically save emails to a contact in the in the CRM system based on a sender, sender organization, recipient or other attributes. Rights management ensures that only authorized users have access to the stored emails. Rights management ensures that only authorized users have access to the stored emails.

From Quote to Invoice

sharesuite supports you both in creating and tracking offers. Service specifications can be defined on the basis of modules and automatically included in an offer. If you get an order for an offer, you can transfer the offer including the stored planning directly into a project.

In sharesuite, you can easily and conveniently report incoming and outgoing invoices.. You can also assign them directly to a task or project. Together with the users’ booked hours and activities, you as the project manager always have an overview of the current costs and income of the project.

sharesuite invoicing generates flat-rate or expense invoices for you at the touch of a button. The structure and level of detail of the invoice can be adapted to suit your own requirements. Activities or external services can be adjusted and included in the invoice before it is issued.

Have more costs accrued for a project but they have not yet been allocated? The partially completed services always give the project manager a precise overview of the hours worked, external services or material costs on the one hand and the invoices that have already been billed on the other.

Communication and teamwork

It’s all about collaboration. sharesuite offers you flexible options for transparent, real-time communication with all team members. Choose between individual or group chats or use the comment function to discuss individual work steps within the tasks.

Put documents relating to a project in your (team) folder so that everyone can access them. Or use drag and drop to upload documents that will help your team in their work to the tasks. Documents that have already been uploaded can be linked directly from the DMS. Towards optimal teamwork.

sharesuite offers you push and email notifications so that none of your team members miss a thing and everyone is on the same page. No event goes unnoticed.

Putting all the pieces in place

The project diary can be used to transparently trace and analyze the current project status. As a project manager, you can assess and comment on the situation. The most recent contribution from each project then appears in the overview.

You can store emails and documents quickly and easily for individual projects, tasks and contacts or in the document management system. This means that each of your team members has the same information available in one place. Transparent and clear.

You can show individual project locations on the project map. This allows helpful conclusions and potential for future orders to be drawn from the lessons learned from past projects at a location or a geographical region.

Are you looking for a task but you have forgotten the task number? Are you researching a project and do you want to search all files, emails and projects at the same time? sharesuite saves you valuable time otherwise spent trawling for data.

Digitally map workflows

You can always create your own business processes with the Workflow Designer, for example to approve invoices, create and edit or copy existing processes. create and edit or copy existing processes. Thus all the work steps will be clearly defined for you and your team in future.

The workflows offer you the option of defining an individual input form for each step, which must be filled out by the processor.

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