Project management – or work management software?

Collaboration software for project management

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Today it’s about explaining and comparing project and work management platforms.

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Do you work on project-related and project-independent tasks every day? The first thing to think about is where your focus lies and the main areas where software could support you.

Project management software

Project Management Gantt Chart

Project management software supports you in managing your project portfolio: you can flexibly create tasks for projects, link all necessary documents and emails with them and much more. This kind of software facilitates successful processing of any number of projects with helpful tools, such as a Gantt chart.

Work management software

Work management software also supports you with project-independent tasks in your everyday work, such as email and resource management or reporting. It offers you helpful tools, such as a Kanban board, to improve visualization of the work processes. Such software offers flexible options beyond the scope of the project. In the best case scenario, it has all the necessary functionalities to carry out and monitor your work until it is completed.

Task Management Kanban Board

Features for everyday work

There are some helpful tools to manage the daily to-dos of a job that any good software should include.

  • Central and flexible communication channels as a typical collaboration tool

  • Time and resource management

  • Comprehensive task management

  • A digital document filing system or advanced document management

  • Reporting tools

  • Kanban boards

  • Project overview, Gantt charts, the possibility of linking projects, tasks, emails and documents, etc. for project-based work

So, choosing the right software depends on your work focus and the features that are useful for your everyday work.

The solution

You don’t want to make any compromises, you want all the work management software tools in one application and have to use it to manage several projects?

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We hope you enjoyed the article and that we have pricked your interest if you are still not a sharesuite user. Best wishes, Your sharesuite team 😊

Best wishes

your sharesuite team 😊 😊

Task Management Kanban Board