sharesuite Release Notes v4.21.0

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General, administrative and organizational.

Various minor fixes have been included in the new software update. Synchronization problems when initially setting up large mailboxes have been resolved and the title of the browser tab has been adjusted according to the selected module. Since the release, the standard team can now be set directly by the administrator.

The document management system has been expanded and now features configurable grouping of the virtual project folders.

There are also many helpful new features in the CRM module.

With the upcoming update, not only companies and contacts can be combined in one view. Contacts can also optionally be assigned to teams, while the search filters in the contact directory have been expanded to include “Team”.  So, if you don’t know the exact job title or the responsible contact person, you can filter by teams in future.

In addition, the new update allows flexible configuration of the access rights for contacts and companies as well as for all or individual users and teams.

Contact creation has also been improved; companies can now also be created implicitly.

Finally, the CRM module revamp has been completed by adding more fields to bulk change. For example, if you want to change the person responsible for 40 contacts in one step, you don’t have to click on each one individually. sharesuite had this function before, and now it has just been expanded to include additional options (e.g. changing the team). Simply click on several contacts and go to “edit”. 😊

Mail client:

The upcoming update also offers some new features and improvements in the mail client. For example, the user interface and ergonomics have been completely revised and a function to manually pull up changes has been added.

Die Auto-Vervollständigung für Empfänger beim Schreiben neuer E-Mails, sowie das Hochladen mehrerer Anhänge vom Desktop aus via Drag & Drop, erleichtert die alltägliche Projektarbeit ebenfalls.

Everyday project work is also made easier by auto-completion for recipients when writing new emails, and the option of using drag & drop to upload several attachments from the desktop. In future, new emails can be saved as drafts and tasks can be easily created from several selected emails. The user interface for email storage has been revised.


To help make project creation even better, the description editor has been swapped out and the configuration options for mandatory fields have been expanded to include financial information.

The folder structure can then also be displayed as tags including the corresponding filter options, while the storage of locally available emails in the software has been supplemented by a direct upload option.


Newly started workflows are opened for the user immediately on startup.

So, now you have an idea of what news and improvements are coming your way.

However, this is by no means the end of the story,as there are already further releases coming at sharesuiteand our developers always work flat outto make your day-to-day project management as pleasant as possible.

So, stay tuned and don’t missany of our news for your projects and teamwork 😊