The project diary

Hello and welcome back 😊

In this blog post we would like to explain the general benefits of a project diary and introduce the specific advantages of sharesuite project diary.

Project diaries have long since been popular and are used in a wide variety of ways, such as when milestones are reached, problems arise or as a daily notebook.

Where and how can I use the diary?

There are various reasons and advantages to keeping a proper diary. It allows a project manager to record relevant notes on the project process in chronological order. You can think of it as a log book which is used to note down all events for later use, for example in a later success analysis. It is used to monitor the success of the project, to record special events or to familiarize new members with the project while it is running. During or after completion of the project, such a diary can also serve as evidence for the client or provide information on why the project went particularly well or where difficulties may have arisen.

We value your feedback

As well as a lot of positive feedback, we also received some suggestions on how to improve the existing project diary that people had noted in their daily work.

We are always happy to receive constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement and so have taken many of these requests into account in version 4.18 and have given the project diary a complete overhaul.

As well as completely revising the user interface we have integrated an editor, which allows the entries to be edited in all common formats and important events can now be highlighted or structured. To edit existing entries, just click on the entry itself and changes can be quickly made. Documents can also be added to each entry and can be attached both from sharesuite itself and from the local computer. These are also shown directly with a preview of the respective article. The last diary entry can be displayed in the project overview, which enables a simple overview of the status and the time of the last entry.

The project diary is your road to success

Any conscientious project manager keeps some kind of project diary – whether notes on paper, a simple notebook or a commonly used text editor. However, these must always linked to the respective projects in some way.

The sharesuite project diary now makes this very easy and directly links to the respective projects. Thus you always have an overview of all the lessons learned and information from past or ongoing projects at hand.