sharesuite Features For Your Projects.

Can a construction and project management software do everything and be easy to use? It has to!

Document Management

 Guaranteed improved overview and effectiveness with secure cloud-based software.

Store, manage and track your documents and keep all participants up to date.
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Data Management


Data+ – Project – Enterprise

Public Folders & Document Sharing

The most comfortable and reliable way to share important information securely.

The module for collecting, organising and sharing documents and folders.
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sharesuite App (Android, iOS)

Extremely mobile for maximum independence.

Control your projects from any device via the mobile app with direct access to all modules and documents.
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Quick access to all of your projects.

Keep an eye on upcoming project steps and figures with the control centre.
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Data+ – Project – Enterprise

Help & Tutorials

Ability and know-how to use it right away.

Get to know the sharesuite functions in the tutorial and get answers to all of your questions in our help section.
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sharesuite Search

Always find what you’re looking for.

The intelligent search function shows you relevant results across features.
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Project Management

Efficient management means streamlined implementation.

Avoid redundant steps when managing your project.
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Administration & Communication

Data+ – Project – Enterprise

sharesuite Address book

Contact information for the many participants is always at hand.

The intelligent address book is not only organised by name and company, but also links every project phase directly to the participants.
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sharesuite Messenger

Fast, direct and secure communication.

Use the internal messenger for encrypted and direct communication within the project.
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Task & Duty

Keep an eye on all tasks at all times.

Define tasks for each project step, define responsibilities and set priorities.
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sharesuite Mail

Reliable and secure company communication.

Concept for a uniform and complete flow of communication in your projects – everything in one place.
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Forum/ Wiki

Discuss or look up solutions – make decisions.

Talk to like-minded people regarding construction-related matters when it comes to successful project management. And access comprehensive knowledge on the wiki.
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Teamwork & Collaboration

Project+ – Enterprise

Meeting Planer

Quick and uncomplicated invitations.

Coordinate your meetings, send invitations and make important documents available to the attendees in advance, even if they don’t have access to sharesuite.
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Meeting Logs

What is decided and discussed.

Create minutes directly from the meeting agenda and save them so all attendees have access.
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Scheduling Calender

Overview of all deadlines and appointments at all times.

Group calender and calender sharing for perfect cooperation.
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Project Plan & Gantt

Optimal planning of project steps and resources.

Clear Gantt charts show who has been working on which task for how long, for perfect time management.
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Defect Management

Perfect end results – targeted follow-up work.

Record defects in real time and on-site and track rectification.
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Construction &
Project Management

Project+ – Enterprise

Photos & Webcams

See how the project is progressing.

Integrate live streams from webcams or photos of your projects, and remotely track what is happening at the construction site.
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Project Log

What has happened so far – at a glance.

Offer newcomers and returning participants a quick introduction to the project and show them where action is required.
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Smart WF & RFI

Customised smart workflows keep you precisely informed.

Access targeted additional information and documents from participants for every process.
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Workflow &

Project+ – Enterprise


   The shared digital aspect of each process.

Automated planning, design and tracking of internal processes and complex procedures in real time.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

                                                                      Improved communication with your customers.

With the CRM module, you gain meaningful data from customer-oriented analyses. Automate your sales and customer feedback processes.
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CV Database

                                                                       Find ideal candidates for open positions quickly.

Access your pool of potential candidates using comprehensive search functions in the contact database.
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                                                               Present your company – professional and organised.

Comprehensive database that quickly presents an attractive summary of all your projects.
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Time Recording & Activities

                                                        Efficient and transparent recording of completed activities.

All project participants enter their activities into a simple form – if not, they receive a reminder to do so.
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Financial Reporting & Controlling

                                                                 Stay within your budget and make the right projections.

With comprehensive evaluations of your financial numbers, you can plan your budget and turnover optimally at all times.
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Controlling & Reporting


Final Report (AMR)

                                                                                              Draw valid conclusions.

Management can evaluate all of the important basic data at a glance with appealing visualisation.
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Cost Calculation & Invoicing

                                                                                              Optimise your cash flow.

Create and send invoices and track payments, book incoming invoices to your projects: This way, you can keep a constant eye on your cash flows.
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