Project location

Project mapping allows you to view and evaluate individual project locations.

Record, visualize and evaluate project locations

If projects have a specific address or are carried out at a specific location, it is often helpful to store this directly in the project. This is a helpful function that we have long since integrated into sharesuite for you. Including a direct representation of the location on a map by accessing the OpenStreetMap material.

While this function can be very helpful for a project, for example during the offer phase, we have also integrated a report for the visualization of all projects on a map.

Having a lot of projects can create disorder – not for us!

Each project is represented by a pin. If too many projects are visible in a certain section, these are clearly summarized. The number that appears is the number of projects present in this local section. Using different filters – according to projects – different evaluations can be created, whether for your own region, the respective country or worldwide.

Isolating vicinities – no problem

The area search around a selected point or a selected project offers another special option: The projects can be displayed that still need carrying out within a certain radius. When preparing an offer, for example, it is easy to find out whether a project has already been carried out in the region or in the vicinity.

Map view for presentations

Another positive side effect is that outsiders attending a presentation can quickly and easily gain an idea of where projects have already been carried out. This gives a highly professional impression. What’s more, it is simply satisfying to see more and more pins appearing on the map.

Do you also work with projects in different locations? Then give it a try – it looks really good!