sharesuite Release Notes v4.22.0

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We have news for you 🥳

There are some significant changes in the new release of your sharesuite application that will make your everyday work even easier.


Let’s start with smart task management. We now have a new editor for task description that makes inputting even easier. You also no longer have to go to “Edit task” if you want to change something in the description. Editing is now done by simply clicking on the “Description” field.

In the same step, the “Documents” area has been completely revised, which also makes it easier to link tasks with their associated documents.

This area is now directly visible and easier to use, since documents can now be uploaded using “drag and drop”.

This saves you a lot of clicks and time. 😎

Furthermore, with this release files can not just be attached to a task (files uploaded for attachment): after they have been uploaded to a task, they can now be stored directly in the document management system (DMS) (linked from the DMS).

A lot has also changed with regard to the preview, thumbnails: Now the user can view the documents in a mini-preview (tiles, see picture) instead of a simple list where only the name, the format and the time of the check-in could be seen.


Until recently, some of the terms used in the “finance” area were at times a little unclear and confusing. Therefore, these have also been fundamentally revised and the presentation has been adapted accordingly. In the new release it is now immediately apparent how the corresponding value is determined.

The designation of the various positions “with and without risk and profit” has been completely replaced.

In future the costs based on the internal hourly rates will simply be referred to as costs (I) and the costs based on the hourly billing rates, i.e. the external hourly rates, as costs (E).

These terms have also been completely standardized in the detailed view, the overview and in export. In the project finances cockpit, existing values have been replaced by attractive charts, which noticeably increases the informative value and simplifies evaluation. The figures on which the charts are based are still visible in the “Financial Information” tab, although these have also been grouped more clearly. Thanks to the graphical presentation of the financial cockpit, the overall view is not only clear but easy on the eye.

Project diary

The project manager’s assessment of the current project status is often an essential factor that is especially relevant when working from home, regardless of the various different key figures.

With the new release the project manager can evaluate the project status directly when creating an entry for the project diary. He can classify this as “OK” or “Critical” as well as assign a “Warning”.

This assessment is also listed in the overview of all projects, so that all those involved in the project and the managers can get a quick and comprehensive overview of the overall situation.

Last but not least

As a little gimmick, we’ve reworked the avatars for you.

We think that the project and user avatars really bring the whole system to life, so we have added a few functions to the avatar editor.

Now you can prettify them with different filters, crop them to size or play around with the colors. So, knock yourself out and let your creativity run wild. 😉

Further details and functions have of course also been improved and some bugs have been fixed. You can find a full list in the release notes.

If you have any questions are always happy to talk to you. Whether by email, chat, phone, social media or via thehelpdesk.

All that remains for us to say is:

Best wishes & stay healthy,

your sharesuite team 😊