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Release Notes v4.23.0

Welcome to our new blog post 🚀

A lot has happened recently, we have a few things in the pipeline for you and today we’re proud to present a new release – Release Notes 4.23.

As well as various small improvements, such as global activation and deactivation of email notifications and a few adjustments to the layout, there have also been a couple of big changes that we’ll explain to you below.

You can look forward to an enjoyable read.

Kanban Board

The Kanban board is a popular project management tool you can use to optimize your workflows, visualize tasks and increase efficiency. It helps you to allocate the right work volume to the teams so tasks can be completed optimally.

In the new release we have integrated a Kanban board into the software to improve the visualization of task progress and increase efficiency for our sharesuite users. With this feature, tasks can easily be moved from one status to another. For example, when someone starts working on a task, the task card moves from the first column to the second one. When the task has been successfully completed, the card moves to the third column and is thus complete. The cards shows information on the task number, the corresponding description and the person responsible.

The previously fixed status of the tasks (open, in progress, completed) has been made freely definable. As a result, the tasks can be used much more flexibly, especially in connection with the Kanban board display, and can be better adapted to suit your own business processes.

Tasks and processes are united

The biggest change in the new release has to do with the tasks. In the past, a number of users remarked that the separation between the processes in the Gantt chart and the actual tasks is often a little unwieldy. For example, a process could not be linked directly to comments or documents or an activity could not be recorded directly from a task. You could not choose the depth of nesting with automatic progress tracking for the tasks. Of course, we took the comments to heart and fully combined tasks and processes in Release 4.23.

As a result, the tasks are automatically taken into account in the project templates. This significantly simplifies the creation of recurring project processes.

It also provides the basis for other exciting innovations, such as resource planning, which will be featured in upcoming releases.

Project map as an additional way to view projects

Another tab has been added to the projects overview. This directly shows your own visible projects in the current workspace in a map view. Accordingly, the locations of all the projects that have a recorded location or a project address can be seen there.


Activity recording has been relocated: it was previously a project sub-item and is now an item on the main menu. At the same time, the administration area has been modified and adapted accordingly. The definition of the individual working times for employees can now be found in settings, where there is a menu item of the same name.

In addition, the definition of billability when recording jobs has been simplified and replaced by a simple selection box.

Team folder

With the new release, sharesuite users have an optional setting for team folders. These can now be highlighted in the respective team color.

This is enormously helpful, especially for administering access authorizations and the transparency of access. The access rights of these folders, like much in sharesuite, are defined on the basis of the teams. If a user is assigned to a team, he automatically receives access to the corresponding team folder.

This function is optional and can be activated via the administration area after approval.

Easy onboarding for new users

Last but not least: To make it as easy as possible for our users to get started with sharesuite, we have added a direct link to the helpdeskin the user menu.

Newly invited users will also receive an email containing further information on how to start using sharesuite after their first log-in.

We hope you enjoyed the article and that we have pricked your interest if you are still not a sharesuite user.

If so, you should definitely get yourselves free trial access! You can look forward to a lot of fun on our test safari.

Best wishes

your sharesuite team 😊